The American Museum
of the Cuban Diaspora

In its brief yet impactful existence, the American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora has swiftly emerged as the heart of Cuban Miami.  Its live theater and performing arts line up, as well as its gallery of rotating exhibits, showcase the works of the Cuban Diaspora’s greatest artists, thinkers, and creators, igniting compelling narratives that transcend borders.

In its soon-to-be-inaugurated, permanent exhibit, the Museum will pay tribute to the thousands of heroes who proclaimed “Viva Cristo Rey” and opted to die on their feet rather than live on their knees, to those who endured imprisonment and torture for raising their voices when so many others were silenced, and to those who built a new city yet died as exiles:  ”sin patria, pero sin amo.”  The Museum will help visitors identify the dangers to their own freedoms today, by telling the story of how, in one generation, a once free and prosperous republic was transformed into an oppressive and impoverished dictatorship –and the still pending struggle both in Cuba and the Diaspora to liberate and rebuild.  The exhibit will at its core serve as a testament to the American Dream.  An inspirational place reflecting the story of an immigrant community that succeeded in America, is deeply grateful towards its adopted country, has fought under its flag, and still believes in its promise as mankind’s brightest beacon of hope.

We hope you enjoy the journey with us.

Current Exhibition

Arquitectura by Cuban Americans in Exile

September / November 2023

An exhibit tracing the evolution of the modernist movement in architecture amongst Cuban architects from the late 1940’s to their legacy after leaving Cuba, followed by the ensuing work of a select group of Cuban American architects who have been in the vanguard of architectural design over more than 63 years in exile.


Las Paredes Oyen

October 2023

In the heart of Miami, within the echoing chambers of the Museum of the Cuban Diaspora, unfolds a story that has long yearned to be told. “Las Paredes Oyen” “The Walls Have Ears” – is more than just a play. It’s a journey, a poignant tapestry woven by the children of Cuban exiles, bringing to life the harrowing tales of Cuban political prisoners from the 1960s. Each step you take through the immersive museum exhibit echoes with the whispers of the past, transporting you from a Cuba of yesteryears to the present. And as the curtain rises, you’ll be submerged into an hour of raw emotion, history, and unyielding spirit. But the story doesn’t end there. Linger on, and let the soulful rhythms of Cuba embrace you in our rum garden, where memories are shared over cocktails, cigars, and tales of a resilient Cuba. Join us, and be a part of this soul-stirring homage to a legacy that must never be forgotten.