The American Museum
of the Cuban Diaspora

In its brief yet impactful existence, the American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora has swiftly emerged as the heart of Cuban Miami.  Its live theater and performing arts line up, as well as its gallery of rotating exhibits, showcase the works of the Cuban Diaspora’s greatest artists, thinkers, and creators, igniting compelling narratives that transcend borders.

In its soon-to-be-inaugurated, permanent exhibit, the Museum will pay tribute to the thousands of heroes who proclaimed “Viva Cristo Rey” and opted to die on their feet rather than live on their knees, to those who endured imprisonment and torture for raising their voices when so many others were silenced, and to those who built a new city yet died as exiles:  ”sin patria, pero sin amo.”  The Museum will help visitors identify the dangers to their own freedoms today, by telling the story of how, in one generation, a once free and prosperous republic was transformed into an oppressive and impoverished dictatorship –and the still pending struggle both in Cuba and the Diaspora to liberate and rebuild.  The exhibit will at its core serve as a testament to the American Dream.  An inspirational place reflecting the story of an immigrant community that succeeded in America, is deeply grateful towards its adopted country, has fought under its flag, and still believes in its promise as mankind’s brightest beacon of hope.

We hope you enjoy the journey with us.

Current Exhibition

Liberty, Hunger, and Desperation

December 2023 / January 2024

The exhibition “Liberty, Hunger, and Desperation” transcends the canvas to resonate in the viewer’s soul. Through his brushstrokes, Fernando Prieto not only makes us witnesses, but also proposes we walk the path with him, where beyond showing emotions, he urges us to seek a freer and fairer world. 

The works explore the human struggle for freedom, peace, and the intrinsic right to live fully. Through emotive and provocative visual representations, each piece tells a story of resistance, desire, and hope, weaving a narrative about the perseverance of the human spirit in the face of obstacles.