Liberty, Hunger, and Desperation – Fernando Prieto

Liberty, Hunger, and Desperation

Fernando Prieto

Fernando Prieto was born in A Coruña, Spain. From a very young age, he was inclined towards drawing and painting, participating in his first exhibition at the age of 13 at the City Hall of Ferrol. He studied to become a business expert but never abandoned his passion, painting.

The exhibition “Liberty, Hunger, and Desperation” transcends the canvas to resonate in the viewer’s soul. Through his brushstrokes, Fernando Prieto not only makes us witnesses, but also proposes we walk the path with him, where beyond showing emotions, he urges us to seek a more accessible and fairer world.

The works explore the human struggle for freedom, peace, and the intrinsic right to live fully. Through emotive and provocative visual representations, each piece tells a story of resistance, desire, and hope, weaving a narrative about the perseverance of the human spirit in the face of obstacles.