Join us for the Ramón Unzueta - From Island to Island exhibition. This stunning new collection introduces the visitor to the fascinating visual conundrum of Ramón Unzueta's work. Exploring themes of a painter who was a creator, an islander, an exile, and a castaway.

Ramón Unzueta was a Cuban painter born in Havana in 1962. He attended the National School of Applied Arts and worked as an illustrator and graphic designer before dedicating himself to painting full-time. His works are characterized by vibrant colors, dynamic compositions, and a unique style that blends elements of both realism and abstraction.

Unzueta’s paintings often feature women as their main subjects, with his portraits capturing the beauty and strength of the female form. He also created landscapes, still lifes, and abstract works that explore themes such as love, nature, and spirituality. His work has been exhibited in galleries throughout Europe and Latin America, including the Museum of Modern Art in Madrid.

Unzueta passed away in 2012 but his legacy lives on through his artworks which continue to inspire viewers around the world. His paintings are highly sought after by collectors for their bold colors, captivating compositions, and unique blend of realism and abstraction.